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From the UK to the UAE, Manchester Type joins TN.

A scientist in another life, David Williams now spends his days poring over obscure manuscripts and designing type. His foundry, Manchester Type, is TN’s latest global partner. In this conversation with Lucas Czarnecki, Williams shares how his friend convinced him…

About Manchester TypeManchester Type, from the banks of the River Irwell...

Manchester Type is a type foundry with a global view of typography. Our type shows a love for historical references and a desire to provide contemporary functionality.

At Manchester Type, each project begins with research. Every typeface we develop is pushed along by our passion and curiosity. Our fonts are often informed by the history of letterforms and always aimed at contributing to today's type-culture.

Type Designer

David Williams

David grew up in the city of Manchester, UK.  He studied Graphic Design at The University of Salford and and Typeface Design at The University of Reading. David launched a foundry from his home city and spends most of his days researching and designing typefaces or riding bikes in the rain. Manchester Type produces type and typography that serves European, Middle Eastern, Indian & South-East Asian writing systems.

Now-and-again David shares his ideas through writing and teaching. He also loves to talk about typeface design within the design community at home and abroad, for institutions, for firms, or simply with friends.